Where Process Meets Implementation

P.I. Confluence (PIC) provides a complete Governance Management System for managing your program, processes, workflow, communications, and information exchange in pipeline operations. Our software tools enable operators to achieve regulatory compliance and to implement process management and stakeholder communication.

Our software tools are POEMS™ Certified. The POEMS Program Suite consists of web-based process management software tools to validate and manage pipeline program and processes:

Allows operators to document their programs and their compliance to regulations.

Enables operators to implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act processes and optimize stakeholders communication.

Our Industry Credibility

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have earned the trust of pipeline operators through the provision of governance management systems to facilitate quality management and performance effectiveness. Consider our recent history advancing the capabilities of operators to manage their programs.


ICAM introduced to support U.S. Pipeline Safety Improvement Act.


PIC was incorporated to manage ICAM.


pSEc introduced to manage stakeholder engagement.


Suite of software tools created to provide governance control system.


PIC acquired by EnerACT Energy Services.


Introduced Program Suite (POEMS ComplyMgr and ProgramMgr).

PIC Leadership

Sheila Howard s

Sheila Howard

Sheila Howard, our VP & Software Solutions Manager, works directly with pipeline operators to implement our web-based process management software tools in the Program Suite.

Sheila is an industry leader in Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS), pipeline integrity management programs, and software implementation.