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Document What You Did and What You Know

Optimize Pipeline SMS (API 1173)

POEMS ProgramMgr enables operators to achieve two key objectives in their pipeline programs. Operators can implement their Plan-Do-Check-Act processes as part of API Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) and optimize stakeholder communication to determine if they are seeing the desired safety and operational impacts.

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What You Did

Integrated Compliance Activity Management (ICAM) is a configurable cloud-based application designed to manage, schedule, track, document and report the execution of your programs. ICAM provides for a consistent, standardized approach to organizational requirements such as process, workflow and communications management allowing you to document the Who, What, When, Where, Why and Why Not.

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What You Know

Program Stakeholder Engagement Communications (pSEc) is a configurable mobile application for collaborative communication and information exchange engaging internal and external stakeholders in process improvement. pSEc supports geographic, role and domain-based notification, disposition and resolution. Providing the ability to measure safety performance KPIs.


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When an operator’s API-driven Safety Management System is linked with the ProgramMgr software tools, then all areas of PSMS are fully deployed throughout all levels of the organization.